Sunshine Coast

Our legal assistance services provided in criminal, civil and family law matters involve:
1. Advice Matters – Legal advice or information that is not provided as part of Duty or Casework Matters. This includes the provision of a free-call telephone advice service, referrals, preliminary assistance in the writing of short letters and the completion of forms;
2. Duty Matters – Attendance at court and receipt of initial instructions by a lawyer. This includes all mentions, pleas, applications including for bail, or adjournments performed on a duty lawyer basis, or where the matter is completed on the same day; and
3. Casework Matters – Ongoing legal services in relation to a particular legal problem, such as conducting a defended hearing. It is not necessary that the matter involve litigation. Casework Matters may also include the provision of detailed legal advice or the negotiation of a claim for or against the client.
ATSILS also provides 24 hour legal representation and advice on criminal matters for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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