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For over thirty years now, Access Community Services has been a national leader in the provision of settlement, employment, training, youth support, housing and social enterprise services to migrants, refugees and mainstream clients. Focused on settlement and employment initiatives in particular, over those thirty years we recognised the need to nurture employment opportunities and pathways for clients who would otherwise be excluded from them.

Worldwide displacement from wars, conflict, and persecution is at the highest levels ever recorded, with 59.5 million people forcibly displaced at the end of 2014, compared to 51.2 million a year earlier and 37.5 million a decade ago.

At the same time, the proportion of Australians born overseas has hit its highest point in 120 years, with 28 per cent of Australia's population - 6.6 million people - born overseas. This corresponds to nearly a third of Australia's population.

Further to this, almost half of all Australians were either born overseas or have at least one parent who was. We are a nation of migrants, and will remain so.

Access believes that one of Australia's greatest assets is our diverse and inherently rich cultural background, a background that economically, politically and socially, not only contributes to the nation we are today, but as importantly - to the one we will become tomorrow.

We set up The Access Community Foundation to create employment pathways and opportunities that last beyond the term of any one individual’s involvement with any one program.

Youth Programs:
Provides a range of programs for young people and adults 15 to 25 years old from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, including asylum seekers.
The programs promote social inclusion and increase engagement in sport, education and leadership.
Interpreter services and volunteer opportunities are available.

Community Hubs:
Community Hubs support migrant and refugee parents and children as they develop school-readiness skills and navigate the education system and help to build parents' capacity to support their children's learning.
Community Hubs also offer migrants and refugees practical assistance to establish links with community services and supports in a safe and familiar setting so that they can build better lives and move towards full participation in Australian society.

Settlement Services Program:
The Settlement Services Program assists ethnic communities through direct service provision, advocacy and community development.
The Scheme provides information, referral, counselling and support to assist newly arrived migrants to gain access to basic services such as education, training, income support, health and language services.
The Scheme also identifies and meets the settlement needs of migrants and ethnic communities, analyses government policies and provides advocacy on policy issues.
Provides support for those who have experienced domestic or family violence and can also provide a referral to other agencies.
Translation assistance and support in a range of other areas is available for people from culturally & linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.
*The service is available for all people who meet the eligibility criteria including asylum seekers.*

Support Services for Migrants & Refugees:
Various settlement support services for migrants and refugee humanitarian entrants are provided and may include the following:
Multicultural support groups;
Language support & translation services;
Employment support;
A community support program for people with multiple disadvantages when seeking employment;
A driving school;
Migrant information & referral;
Advocacy & community awareness;
Housing services including assistance with obtaining household goods, furniture & bedding;
Short-term counselling relating to torture & trauma;
On-arrival reception at the airport & emergency assistance;
Youth services & programs; and
Support services for those experiencing family or domestic violence.
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