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We’re here to help you, if you:
Want to create a safe, loving and respectful environment in your family.
Want to stop using anger, aggression, violence and other abusive behaviour in your relationships.
Want to develop the understanding and skills to create healthy, safe, considerate & respectful relationships with your partner, children and others.
Have children in care or at risk of being placed in care, due to your domestic violence.
Feel you need some support to manage difficult emotions that make you more likely to use abusive behaviour.
Think you have an ‘anger management’ problem in your relationship – there is often much more to it than just ‘anger.’ We can assist you to identify the real issues that create problems in your relationships, and will provide referrals to other services where this may be useful.
Living Without Violence (Men’s program) Assessment Bulk Billed (No charge)
Group program. Total Fee: $120
No fees or co-payments apply for services to people who are:
Under 18 years of age.
A full time student.
An aged pensioner.
Or a war veteran.

1300 114 397
221 Logan Road Buranda Q 4102