North Queensland

Family Intervention Services (FIS)

Provides support for families to address ongoing child protection issues which have impacted on their ability to meet their children's care & protective needs.

Family & Relationship Counselling

The program supports people in a range of areas including:Relationship or family enhancement;Family formation;Separation or divorce;Parenting problems;Conflict & anger management;Communication;Intimacy;Loss & grief;Childhood problems impacting on current relationships;Depression;Anxiety and Trauma.

Employee Assistance Counselling

A national employee assistance program providing counselling for people facing work or personal problems.

Regional Family Dispute Resolution & Mediation Services

Provides information and support around relationships and family enhancement as well as family dispute resolution services for families who want to discuss parenting arrangements after separation. Also provide dispute resolution for separated couples who want to discuss property settlement.

Community Engagement & Support Services

Provides an information, referral, counselling and support service for the residents of Mount Isa.

Gambling Help Service

Provides counselling and support services for people with problem gambling behaviours and for their partners, families & friends.Community education programs about problem & responsible gambling are available for groups, community organisations, schools and businesses.

Housing and Homelessness Services

Homestay Program - early intervention and prevention of homelessness by providing support, information, referral advice and case management to families and individuals who are at risk of homelessness in Mount Isa.

Crisis Accommodation - Provides short term crisis accommodation and a range of supports to enable families to secure long term accommodation and improve their ability to provide a stable home life.

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5 Miles Street, Mount Isa QLD 4825 and 80 Short Street, Mount Isa QLD 4825