Central Queensland
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Established by the Queensland Government as a free, confidential and impartial mediation service to the community, the Dispute Resolution Centre’s provide an alternative way of settling dispute without going to court. Large organisations may be charged a fee.

The Central Queensland Dispute Resolution Centre mediates a wide range of dispute including neighbourhood, trees and fences, workplace, commercial, family (property, elder and intergenerational) and court-ordered matters. The Centre also facilitates multi-party meetings and facilitations for larger groups. Around 90% of matters that are mediated result in agreement with high satisfaction rates.

The Central Queensland Dispute Resolution Centre is situated in the Rockhampton Courthouse and can provide mediations over the phone, skype and through various Central Queensland venues. Office hours are 8.30am-4.30pm Mon-Fri. After hours mediations are conducted by appointment.
To apply for mediation online, visit For more information on the full scope of Dispute Resolution and Training services visit

07 4887 1760
1800 817 927
Rockhampton Courthouse Virgil Power Building, 46 East Street, Rockhampton Qld 4700