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North Brisbane

About this program
The Outreach Program aims to enhance the safety and
wellbeing of women and their children experiencing
domestic and family violence in the North Brisbane
region. It provides a mobile form of domestic and family
violence specific, case management support to women
and children escaping domestic and family violence who
require assistance to transition from homelessness or
whom are at risk of becoming homeless.

Referrals or referral enquiries can be made by calling the
Outreach Program on 07 3624 2440.

The Outreach Program can assist women with:
• Individualized case management support
• Information and support to live without violence
• Safety planning and risk assessments
• Information on protecting herself and her children
• Information on escaping an abusive relationship
• Finding safe and secure accommodation
• Information and support with Domestic Violence
• Advocacy with police and legal matters
• Advocacy and Centrelink to access crisis payments
• Accessing other support services
• Domestic Violence Women’s Support group
What is Domestic Violence?
-Domestic Violence is when one person in a relationship uses violence or abuse to control or dominate the other person, causing them to live in fear.
There are several different forms of abuse:
Psychological Abuse: Abuse which deliberately destroys your self-confidence, it makes you feel you are useless, stupid or going crazy. It can be described as a type of brainwashing where you believe that everything that goes wrong is your fault.
Verbal Abuse: Constantly putting you down, calling you names, making you feel worthless, or making comments about your competence. Humiliating you or insulting you in public. Can also include threats of physical abuse.
Financial Abuse: When you are not allowed to have a say in how the money is spent, or being refused money for family needs, being made to get into debt for the other person.
Sexual Abuse: Being forced to have unwanted sexual contact or drugging you to have unwanted sexual contact.
Physical Abuse: Physical assault can take many forms from pushing, poking, biting, burning, slapping, hair pulling, strangulation, using a weapon, smashing things or hurting children or pets.
07 3624 2440
North Brisbane Catchment