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South Brisbane

The Family Advocacy and Support Service (FASS) provide support and legal help if you are affected by domestic and family violence and have a family law issue. We can help you if:
 you have experienced domestic and family violence or,
 someone says you have used violence.
If you are worried about your safety at court or about going to court please talk to us before your
court date.
Our lawyers can assist with:
 Arrangements for children
 Domestic Violence Orders
 Property after separation
 Divorce
 Child Support
 Child protection
 Applying for legal aid
 Some urgent court matters

Our support workers can:
 Help you plan for your safety
 Talk to the Family Courts about your
safety at court
 Give you information and support during
your family law case
 Help with practical problems like
Centrelink and housing
 Advocate for you with services like police
 Connect you with men’s behaviour change
programs or other services

Please Note:
-Client must attend in person when help is needed (no appointments are available).
-No child minding facilities are available.
-Clients may experience delays during busy periods.
Monday to Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm
1300 651 188
44 Herschel Street, Brisbane, Queensland 4000