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LAQ Rockhampton have employed a Senior Family Lawyer to provide the FASS service in the LAQ Rockhampton office and for this region (Rockhampton, Gladstone and Mackay).

FASS is the Family Advocacy and Support Service. FASS employs solicitors and social workers to support clients who have urgent family law matters. This is a nation wide initiative and there are dedicated FASS workers in each state and territory.

Currently LAQ Rockhampton have employed one solicitor (Tash Priestly). LAQ Rockhampton will be looking to employ a social worker next year, to expand the service.


The matters dealt with under FASS:

Family Law Parenting or Property matters.
Domestic Violence must be a factor in the matter.
We can assist victims and perpetrators.
The matter must be urgent: something needs to happen in the next 72 hours.
Examples: recovery orders for children, airport watchlists, property injunctions to stop the sale of a house, urgent spouse maintenance applications.


If the matter is urgent, work we can do includes:

Urgent drafting of court applications.
Urgent letters.
Urgent communications with lawyers/the court.
Representation in Court (on a duty basis, and not always).



We are happy to take referrals and triage the matters.

If a service provider has a client presenting with an issue but is unsure if it meets the FASS criteria, we are happy to speak with the service provider or client to see what is going on.


If we receive a referral for the service and there is a conflict of interest, we will refer that client to our partner agency, the CQCLC for Rockhampton and the Mackay Regional Community Legal Centre for Mackay.

The service is new for LAQ Rockhampton in that usually a client needs to be approved under a grant of aid for court applications to be drafted.

LAQ are now aiming to assist in filling in the gap that some people fall into while waiting for a their LAQ application to be processed, but while needing urgent action to be taken on their matter.
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