Toowoomba and Darling Downs
Sub Region

Positive Relationships Program:
The Positive Relationships Program provides emotional resilience in individuals and their families through individual counselling.
The Program helps to strengthen family relationships, prevent breakdown and ensure the well-being of children through broad-based education and counselling.
The Program includes psycho-education on enhancing relationships, managing breakdown of relationships, parenting & the care of children and managing strong & difficult emotions including anger, grief and loss.

Family Intervention Service:
The Family Intervention Service helps to preserve families where a child or young person remains living at home with ongoing intervention by Child Safety Services.

The program also assists in the reunification of children with their family from out-of-home placement where it is determined to be in the best interests of the child.

The focus of this service is on the development of practical skills that will assist parents to improve the safety of the home setting and build stability and stronger attachments between parent and child.

Tracks to Success, Indigenous Advancement Strategy:
A Program for infants, children and young people 0 to 18 years old who are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent.
Provides practical hands-on support while assisting parents to support the child with ongoing engagement in education and development to enrich family well-being.
The Program helps to improve family and parenting support in the areas of early childhood development, education, youth engagement and transition with a focus on increasing school attendance and improved education.

Family & Child Connect (FaCC):
Family & Child Connect is a free, community-based referral service that provides information and advice for families with infants, children and young people 0 to 18 years old, as well as linking them with services that can help with issues such as managing children's behaviour; building better family relationships; stopping any violence at home; budgeting & managing money; alcohol, drug & gambling problems; and housing, health care or other community or government services.

Family & Child Connect may be able to help a family in a single telephone call or may take more time to get to know the family's situation in order to connect them with the most appropriate service, including intensive family support services if required.

Anyone can contact Family & Child Connect including parents, grandparents, other family members and young people.

Supporting Children after Separation Program (SCASP):
Provides individual counselling, groups and education programs for children and young people 5 to 18 years old whose parents have separated.
Counsellors provide opportunities for children to safely express their thoughts and feelings about their circumstances.
Parental consent is required for a referral however counsellors work directly with children, either individually or in small groups of children of similar age.

Safer Connections
Provides information, advice and support for lesbian, gay males, bisexual, transgender, gender diverse, intersex, queer, asexual and questioning (LGBTQIA+) brotherboy and sistergirl survivors of domestic and family violence including coercion and control from an intimate partner or family member.

Safe Connections Toowoomba provides specialist staff who understand LGBTIQA+ relationships and are committed to working with individuals, families, service providers and the wider community to ensure LGBTIQA+ people feel safe.
Outreach and interpreter services are available.

Family Counselling:
Provides a counselling service for families experiencing difficulties.

Rural Family Counselling:
Provides centre-based and outreach confidential counselling and support services for families facing a broad range of issues including grief & loss, social isolation, relationship problems and parenting.

Counselling services are provided face-to face or by telephone.

The Rural Family Counsellor provides counselling for families with dependent infants, children and adolescents 0 to 18 years old.

The service helps to build on existing strengths and increase the emotional capacity of family members by developing healthy coping strategies, emotional resilience and self-esteem of individuals and family members.

Rural Family Support Program:
Provides support for vulnerable families with infants, children and young people 0 to 18 years old living in Dalby.

The Program works with families who are attempting to resolve problems due to isolation and develops & maintains personal support plans with the family and conducts regular visits.

The program also works closely and cooperatively with existing service providers and relevant agencies to better meet the family's needs and assist them to build their capacity to care for and protect their children.

St George Youth Support Program:
A youth support program which helps to enhance the social and economic participation of children and young people 12 to 18 years old within the local communities of St George and Dirranbandi.

The support is client focused and client centred where young people actively participate in identifying their support needs through assessment processes and in determining the most appropriate referral options.
Provides an information, assessment and referral service for children and young people 8 to 21 years old who are living in Roma & Mitchell areas.
The service supports and encourages young people to participate in their local communities, boosting their health and wellbeing, as well as engaging in education or employment.
The support is client focused and client centred where young people actively participate in identifying their support needs through assessment processes and in determining the most appropriate referral options.

Financial Counselling:
Provides assistance for people experiencing financial difficulties by helping them address their financial problems, make informed choices and build longer term capacity to budget and manage their money.

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