Toowoomba and Darling Downs
Sub Region

Women's Wellness Centre:
Provides tailored, holistic support for young and adult women, including those who have experienced violence or trauma, to assist them to improve their wellbeing.

The service specifically supports women across a range of areas which can impact on their health and wellbeing including; physical & mental health; housing; employment; education and economic security.

Therapeutic and psycho-educational group work is a regular feature along with counselling and supported referral as appropriate.

Family & Child Connect (FaCC):

A free local, community-based referral service that provides information and advice for families as well as putting families in touch with services that can help with issues such as managing children's behaviour; building better family relationships; stopping any violence at home; budgeting & managing money; alcohol, drug & gambling problems; and housing, health care or other community or government services.

Family & Child Connect may be able to help a family in a single phone call, or may take more time getting to know the family's situation to connect them with the right service including Intensive Family Support services if required.

Anyone can contact Family & Child Connect including parents, grandparents, other family members and young people.

Anyone contacting Family & Child Connect on behalf of a family will need the family's permission to do so (professionals from many government agencies such as health, education & the police do not require permission).

Each Family & Child Connect is also responsible for leading a Local Level Alliance of services that work with children & families in their area.

Interested professionals and organisations can contact their local Family & Child Connect for details regarding participation.

Provides general counselling, youth sexual violence and abuse counselling and sexual abuse counselling for children and young people 5 to 18 years who have entered the statutory child protection system.

This service is available for all children who meet the eligibility criteria including Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.

Family Intervention Program:
An intensive program which supports families who are currently involved with Child Safety Services including those with a Child Protection Order (CPO) or Intervention with Parental Agreement (IPA).

Connected Families, Intensive Family Support:
Provides support for families with infants, children and young people up to 17 years old facing multiple challenges that are affecting the children's health, safety, wellbeing and connection to community.

Connected Families, Intensive Family Support:
The program can help families in the following areas:
-Improve relationships and communication skills;
-Learn positive parenting skills;
-Better take care of household routines, maintenance and budgeting;
-Build skills for dealing with government departments;
-Encourage social connection;
-Promote overall health and wellbeing; and
-Increase knowledge of, and access to, community resources.
Connected Families is run by Mercy Community in the greater Toowoomba and Southern Downs regions.

Community Action for a Multicultural Society (CAMS):
Supports greater intercultural connectedness so that people from culturally diverse backgrounds can achieve their ambitions for social and economic participation.

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104 South Street Toowoomba QLD 4350