Central Queensland
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Multicultural Australia is committed to delivering a Queensland that is welcoming and where all new arrivals have the opportunity to fully contribute to and participate in a multicultural society where our diversity is recognised as a strength. The skills and experience of new arrivals reinvigorate the economic and social fabric of local communities. They are highly motivated to establish themselves professionally and socially in their new communities.

We are an independent settlement organisation committed to achieving the best settlement outcomes for our clients and working actively to promote multiculturalism. Multicultural Australia settles every newly arrived refugee in Brisbane, Rockhampton and Toowoomba.

Through our presence in metropolitan and regional Queensland, we work in partnership with our clients, other service providers, government agencies and the private sector to achieve quality service delivery through advocacy, client service delivery, community development and multicultural sector development.

As we work towards an inclusive and united multicultural society, which values cultural diversity, we know and welcome safety and pathways to full participation that we provide for new arrivals is vital to continuing successful multiculturalism. Making this happen is a two way street for both the new arrivals, in the effort they make to settle into the community, and for the rest of us in the positive and supportive welcome we give them in their new home.

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