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Safe Dads:
The Safe Dads program provides education and information for fathers on the detrimental effect domestic and family violence has on their children.
The program is run in a group format and teaches men to father effectively with appropriate discipline and how to develop a healthy relationship with the mother of their children through respectful behaviours.
The group will discuss the benefits of being in healthy relationships and the consequences of unhealthy relationships.
Participants will be equipped with some tools to prevent violence.

A community-based meeting providing an integrated response to domestic violence in Townsville.
Meetings are held monthly and are attended by member agencies including police, courts and welfare workers.
Members work together to provide a consistent and pro-active intervention in domestic violence irrespective of which agency is the first point of contact.

A program that reinforces positive behaviours and the skills previously learnt in the MenTER program to assist men to maintain non-violent behaviour.

A men's behaviour change program that provides participants with information and practical tools to help address their use of violence.
The program is run in a group format.

AARDVARC Children's Program:
The program provides information and support for children and young people who have experienced or who are experiencing family or domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Support:
Provides assistance, information, referral and support for men, women & adolescent children who have experienced or who are experiencing domestic violence..

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