The Obbo Women Community Development Agency Inc (OWCDA) was founded in 2012 by a small group of immigrants from the Obbo community in Queensland.

Settlement challenges in Australia precipitated the formation of this group.

For instance, language, socioeconomic, housing, unemployment, cultural difficulties, parental responsibilities, budgeting and financial management, access to local services and cultural shocks.

In 2011, this group started holding monthly meetings in garages to discuss these challenges and way forward. They all dreamt of finding durable solutions to their settlement issues in Australia.

The members began to fundraise to deliver essential training and awareness workshops on road safety, domestic and family violence, homework help, women economic empowerment and youth integration settlement activities.

We set up the Obbo Women Community Development Agency Inc to deliver and create an opportunity to build a resilient immigrant community in Queensland. Our commitment to the vision of the founders of this organization remains as stronger as ever.

Domestic & Family Violence:
-Women’s & Men’s groups
-Awareness training workshops
-DFV resources
-Family Relationship

Young people engagement:
-Goal setting and career pathway training
-Games, sports, and recreational activities
-Employability skills training
-Licencing programs and road safety rules
-Homework & assignment support
-Health and Fitness
-Dialect development

General support:
-Drug and alcohol
-Budgeting and finance
-Emergency accommodation support referral
-Immigrants and Refugee services

Seniors recreational and social activities:
-Arts & Crafts
-Story telling
-Games (dominos, playing cards, doodling drawing)
-Tablecloth Knitting
-Social media communications
-Health and Fitness
-Cultural and traditional heritage
Office phone: 0470 568 271
After hours: 0469 556 581
12 Civic Parade, Logan Central QLD 4114, Australia