People 4 Pets Inc. is a Central Queensland not-for-profit that aims to provide services to pet owners in crisis, who we know to love and care for their furry friends, despite not always having the means to. People 4 Pets Inc. provides temporary foster care, pet care packages and surrender prevention initiatives in partnership with local community agencies to assist their clients to keep their pets during times of crisis. Clients include:
• Victims of domestic violence, who may choose to stay in a dangerous situation as pets aren’t allowed in crisis housing
• The homeless, who are no less deserving of love from a pet because they don’t currently have a home
• Seniors, who will put their pets needs before their own
• Sick or injured pet owners, who face temporary hardship where their pet provides companionship and unconditional love when it’s needed most
If this service would be beneficial to your clients please contact us to establish a partnership between your agency and People 4 Pets Inc.

Please see Facebook page for details on regular fundraising events. Volunteers and foster carers welcome – if you or someone you know would like to help please sign-up at