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QPASTT is a non-government, not-for-profit organization with no political or religious affiliations providing culturally responsive services to promote the health and wellbeing of people in Australia who have sought safety from persecution, torture and war related trauma.

We have been providing services to torture and trauma survivors in Queensland since 1995 and we welcome all people regardless of their ethnicity, culture, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, language or religious beliefs.

QPASTT is a specialised service that offers counselling to support healing and recovery from refugee trauma.
Our counsellors are all qualified and committed to providing a safe and respectful environment where our clients can heal from the emotional and physical pain of their torture and/or trauma experiences.
There is a waiting list for our service, but it is managed so that those with the highest needs are given priority.

Youth Work:
Our Youth Workers help young people to recover from trauma, engage with their community and build on their potential.
Youth Workers work with young people between the ages of 12 to 24 years through a range of programs that encourage development and growth in all areas of a young person’s life.
QPASTT also works closely with schools, providing outreach to students and supporting staff to build their capacity to respond to the needs of students and families from refugee backgrounds.

Group Engagement:
An impact of trauma is that people can feel suspicious and lose trust in others. An important step in recovery from trauma is feeling safe with others again. This is why connection and a feeling of belonging are critical for healing.
When survivors come together in safe groups, healing occurs. People are able to make friends with others who understand them and the loneliness and stigma of trauma is reduced.
From our experience, together, people can heal from trauma.
At QPASTT, we run a number of groups that are focused on building connections, nurturing wellbeing and developing knowledge and skills for recovery.

Community-Based Healing:
Trauma impacts on communities as much as it impacts on individuals. When groups of people are exposed to persecution and organised violence, the bonds of trust that hold communities together can become damaged. Therefore, a vital step in the recovery process is supporting communities to build bonds and connections that nurture healing.
Community Workers and Community Connectors at QPASTT work closely with community leaders to build opportunities for traditional and community-based healing.
Send QPASTT an email to talk about a community-based project

Asylum Seeker Mental Health Connect:
Asylum Seeker Mental Health Connect supports people seeking asylum requiring mental health and well-being focused support. This includes:
Psychosocial needs assessment
Four to six sessions to help manage trauma related symptoms and emotional distress, build coping and problem-solving skills and develop connections to social supports and other services. Those requiring further specialist trauma-related support will be referred to other QPASTT programs.
Referral for those with complex mental health needs including addiction, substance abuse or sub- acute care needs who require more intensive support, to World Wellness Group for more intensive support and case management by specialist nurses.
Referral form:
07 3391 6677
28 Dibley Street, Woolloongabba QLD 4102