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Relationship Counselling involves talking with a counsellor about any relationship difficulties that you are experiencing. Whether you are wishing to enter a relationship, wanting to enhance your relationship, or having difficulties within your relationship, the counsellor will work in partnership with you as an individual or with you and your partner, asking questions to understand your relationship and assist you to find ways to manage your situation more effectively.


Men's Behavioural Change Program: A range of individual and group support programs are offered in several regions to address and prevent family violence and the use of power and control in relationships. Our services are based on understanding that everyone has the right to feel safe and free from abuse in their home - whether that abuse involves hitting, threats, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, or any other behaviour that is controlling or coercive. The programs are designed for people experiencing family violence – we support victims in achieving an acceptable level of safety, whether that be whilst remaining in the current relationship or leaving. We also support people who use power and control to change their behaviours.

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