Gold Coast
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The Children’s Contact Service (CCS) offers supervised contact and changeover services for children whose parents have separated.

Our CCS provides a place which is emotionally and physically safe for children. We support children to re-build or strengthen their relationship with the parent they don’t live with and to assist them to have a voice.

Parents and sometimes significant others, such as grandparents, with whom the children do not live, have the opportunity to spend time together that might otherwise be difficult, or where there is conflict, safety issues, court orders or other restraints.

Where possible, the CCS supports parents to move towards managing their own contact arrangements.

As the CCS is independent from the Family Court and the Federal Magistrates’ Court we do not have a role in enforcing court orders.

Separate intake appointments for each parent
Orientation visits for children
Regular reviews with each parent
Supervised contact visits to enable the child and visiting parent to enjoy quality time together in a safe environment
Facilitated changeover to enable the child to move smoothly between parents, providing a safe environment and safe arrangements for all parents and children
The expectation that parents will eventually manage their own arrangements

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Coomera Springs State School Old Coach Road (2nd driveway) 4209 QLD Australia