Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast Family Contact Centre Association Inc. operates three Children’s Contact Centres and two outreach services all named Harmony House.

Supervised Contacts
The primary function of our Family Contact Centres is to ensure the emotional, psychological, and physical safety of children.

Conversations between the non-residential parent and carer and the children are closely monitored by staff. If a conversation is taking a direction where the children appear uncomfortable, the staff will gently redirect the conversation, or suspend the contact session, if parents or carers fail to follow staff direction.

Physical interaction between non-residential parents or carers and the children is also closely monitored. Staff are informed of the basic family history and any specific issues that are relevant. Staff direct parents or carers and the children in age appropriate play and activities. Parent or carers are encouraged to plan activities for the children in advance.

Our Contact Centres ensure the smooth changeover of children between separated parents. Separate entrances and parking areas are provided for the residential parent or carer and non-residential parent or carer to avoid conflict during changeovers of children.

Staff will encourage parents to communicate with each other in a positive and effective manner with regards to their children’s needs through the use of a communication book. This encourages parents or carers to move from facilitated contact arrangements to self-managed contact as soon as practicable.

Changeovers and changebacks between parents and carers may commence at the successful completion of their intake sessions.

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