Toowoomba and Darling Downs
Sub Region

Creating a safe place for children to maintain a supportive and nurturing relationship with their families.
The primary service provided by the Centre is the facilitation of changeovers and a place for supervised contact visits. Its focus is the care and safety of children, affording them the opportunity to maintain contact with both parents who are often subject to Domestic Violence Protection Orders or Family Court Orders.

Children's Supervised Contact Service:
Provides supervised contact and changeovers for families experiencing difficulties.

Experienced & qualified supervisors provide supervised contact directed by mutual agreement or under court orders including those issued by the Family Court or Children's Court.

Online Supervised Calls:
Online Supervised Contact is a new service offered by the TCCC where face to face contact is unable to be facilitated.
It is conducted in a private room using Zoom. This room has a large screen on the wall with a camera and speaker attached to ensure clear vision and sound. There is comfortable furniture as well as a play area for younger children. This room is separate to any other rooms where visits are occurring to keep any distractions to a minimum.

Changeover Service:
If you are co-parenting your child or children, changeovers provide a safe, supportive and non-threatening environment which allows children to develop and maintain relationships and contact with both parents. Changeover (also referred to as handover) is the time your child or children move between homes for the night, the weekend, a full week, or even longer during a holiday period.
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