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Family and Relationship Services
Family and Relationship Services provide professional services that work with individuals, couples and families to strengthen family relationships and support families going through change, such as:
The start of a relationship
The arrival of a new baby
Problems in a relationship
Services include counselling, family therapy, information and referral, support, education and skills training, outreach and community development.

Parenting Orders Program
The Parenting Orders Program/Post-Separation Co-operative Parenting services help separated or divorced families who are in high conflict to work out parenting arrangements in a manner that considers a child’s best interests in establishing or maintaining relationships, while ensuring the safety of all parties.

The services help parents manage their conflict and understand the effect their conflict is having on their children. They can then develop strategies to deal more constructively with each other and manage parenting arrangements.

A variety of interventions are used, and family members, including children, can receive a range of services such as counselling, multi‑sessions or one‑off group work education.

Family Relationship Centre
The Family Relationship Centre (FRC) is the first port of call for families who are seeking to make their relationships better, families who are separated, or families who are going through separation. We can also assist other people who are affected by these issues, such as grandparents and other extended family members.

The FRC can provide advice and information about any relationship issue and refer you to other services that can help. For families experiencing separation, we will support you to focus on your children’s needs and work with you on the next steps. We also provide family dispute resolution sessions with the other parent or family members to develop agreements for future parenting relationships. Some of our FRCs can also help you come to property agreements.

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