Central Queensland
Sub Region

The Red Cross Intensive Family Support (IFS) program works with families who:
• have children (unborn – 18 years of age) and
• reside in Rockhampton Regional or Livingstone Shire Council areas and
• are facing a lot of complex problems at once.

There is no cost for a family to be supported by an Intensive Family Support service.

The aim of IFS services is to provide intensive and extended, but time limited, support to improve safety for children and family functioning by building skills and capacity of parents to a level that can be sustained by less intensive and more universally available services.

There are many pathways for referral to an IFS service including FaCC, Child Safety, police, schools, early childhood education and care services, health professionals, other government and non-government agencies and families themselves.

How can the program be accessed?
• Referrals can be made either by: phoning 07 4836 4980,
• emailing or
• via the online portal
Also see Australian Red Cross Worrabinda

07 4836 4980
4 Aquatic Place, Rockhampton