Central Queensland
Sub Region

The CQID Drug and Alcohol Treatment program (NGO-TGP) aims to achieve improved drug and alcohol treatment service outcomes, increase access to a greater range of high quality best practice drug and alcohol treatment services and reduce drug related harms for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Individuals, families and communities

CQID also assists Indigenous people and their families with referring to support services such as; early childhood, education, training, employment, financial management, housing, health and legal requirements.

Provides support and empowers Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander families to participate in child protection decision making.

Family Participation Program (FPP):
The focus of the program is Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander families with infants, children & young people under 18 years old, including those who are at risk of being the subject of a child protection notification or who are already subject to intervention by the statutory child protection system.

Family Wellbeing Program:
Provides intensive family support for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander families.
Services include the following:
Information, support & advice;
Advocacy and cultural support;
Developing family well-being plans to help create change;
Budgeting assistance;
Household management skills development;
Supporting routine & structure in the home with the family;
Supporting getting children to school;
Behaviour management skills development;
Triple P positive parenting program for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander families; and
Support with attending appointments.

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