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BDVS’ goal is to support woman and children to reach a stage where they are safe and free from fear of domestic and family violence. We provide a range of services, including information and referral, crisis support, practical assistance, advocacy and emotional support.

We work to provide a safe environment in which people can access our services, providing support in the way that best meets their individual needs.

BDVS employs an integrated approach both internally for families, women and children and externally with other organisations committed to the same goals. Our service is based on the beliefs that:

domestic and family violence is a violation of human rights and is unacceptable in any form
violence in any form is a crime and should not be tolerated by society
women and children are predominantly victims of domestic and family violence
all family members have a right to safety in the community and where they reside
all individuals experiencing domestic and family violence have a right to be treated with respect, dignity and with a non-judgemental attitude
all individuals experiencing domestic and family violence have the right to choose what options they pursue to address the violence.

Services Included:
MEN’S DOMESTIC VIOLENCE OFFENDER PROGRAM (MDVOP) :The 27-week, evidence-based Duluth program is an open-ended mandated group designed for men using violence in their relationships. It is facilitated by specialist domestic and family violence (DFV) practitioners who are trained and supervised under the Duluth practice principles and model of intervention for men using violence within their relationships (See Duluth's Equality Wheel and Power and Control Wheel).

Under the supervision of statutory authorities, the MDVOP is offered to male offenders who have perpetrated violence against their female intimate partners.

The 10-week, evidence-based, open-ended voluntary group has been designed as an early intervention initiative to provide men with access to information, advice and education around domestic and family violence and equal relationships using the Duluth Equality Wheel Framework, facilitated by specialist DFV practitioners who are trained and supervised under the Duluth practice principles and model of intervention for men using violence within their relationships.

Brisbane Domestic Violence Service has men’s court information at Sandgate Magistrates Court.

Our Men’s Worker receives a court list and then approaches men at court, explaining the range of supports our service can provide. Support can include:

information on options in relation to the Domestic Violence Order (DVO)
information on the court process (ie. what to expect in the courtroom)
services available (ie. duty lawyers, interpreters, Mensline and various other community services)
understanding what domestic violence is and how it relates to their situation
understanding the effects of domestic violence on the aggrieved and children.

BDVS is also the lead agency for the Brisbane region High Risk Team (HRT). The HRT is a team of multi-agency services including Queensland Corrective Services, Queensland Police Service, Child Safety, Department of Justice and Attorney General (Courts), Department of Housing & Public Works, Youth Justice, Queensland Health and Victims Assist Queensland. The HRT works in a case coordination model sharing information and developing a single multi agency support plan, to respond to the safety needs of individuals and ensure wherever possible accountability for those who are using violence within the relationship.
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