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The Parenting Orders Program (POP) aims to help separated families who are experiencing difficulty with their co-parenting relationship and maintaining arrangements for their children. Program staff work with parents and sometimes with the children. The program is particularly useful for parents who are involved in Family Court proceedings, and these parents may be court-ordered to attend, however all separated families can access this program. Some parents will be referred to the program by their lawyer, a court official, Legal Aid, or another community or government agency. Others will be ordered to participate by the Family Court. Some parents participate voluntarily.

The Children’s Contact Service (CCS) offers supervised contact and changeover services for children whose parents have separated. Our CCS provides a place which is emotionally and physically safe for children. We support children to re-build or strengthen their relationship with the parent they don’t live with and to assist them to have a voice. Parents and sometimes significant others, such as grandparents, with whom the children do not live, have the opportunity to spend time together that might otherwise be difficult, or where there is conflict, safety issues, court orders or other restraints.

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