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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (ATSILS) Qld, Ipswich

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (Qld) Ltd – (ATSILS), is a community-based organization established to provide professional and culturally proficient legal services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Queensland. We deliver a broad range of civil, family and criminal law services as well as prevention, intervention and community legal education programs, coronial and public sector monitoring and Through

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Anglicare Southern Queensland, Riverview

Family & relationship counselling The service aims to build the resilience and functioning of parents and families. We want to assist you to manage any issues arising from personal and relationship changes. Our highest aim is to ensure children at risk are protected, and also to contribute to building stronger communities. For example, our post-separation support services help families manage the process and impacts of separation in the best interests of children. The purpose of our service is to help clients: Establish and maintain positive family relationships. Understand and better meet the care, welfare and development needs of children in their family context. Prevent relationship stress. Manage transitions across the relationship life/cycle. Increase resilience to relationship stress or breakdown. Identify and assist clients to resolve underlying and contributing issues. Collaborate with other local community based organisations and government services. Raise awareness of relationship issues. Resolve parenting and child care issues. Prevent family breakdown and youth homelessness by working directly with young people and their families or caregivers. Manage the process of divorce/separation in the best interests of children. We do this by providing: Counselling — face to face, telephone, online. Counselling — individual, couple, family, child, group. Information and referral. Support. Education and skills training.

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Child Abuse Prevention Services

Our staff are experienced psychologists and child protection policy experts who are well-equipped to deliver frontline educational programs and create the environments needed to ensure that children are safe, supported, and loved.

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Domestic Violence Action Centre, Ipswich

The DVAC team consists of trained Domestic Violence Specialists and Counsellors who are experienced in specialist domestic, family, and sexual violence support to individuals who are experiencing, have experienced or who use violence in their relationships.

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About DV-alert DV-alert is a nationally accredited training program delivered [...]

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Family & Child Connect (FaCC), Ipswich

Parents can seek support through the service to: develop parenting skills and managing child behaviour, build better relationships between family members, including help with any violence at home, improve budgeting and managing money, manage alcohol, drug or gambling problems, access housing, healthcare or other community or government services. The service can also link families to more intensive support services that help families stay together

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Mercy Community, Greater Ipswich

Connected Families Intensive Family Support Our Connected Families Program supports families with children and/or young people up to 18 years of age who might be experiencing a range of challenges that are impacting the children and young people in the family in a variety of ways. Much of the work is done in the family home to make it easier to stay connected. Our practitioners work in the following communities

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National : 13YARN

13YARN is an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander crisis support line funded by the Australian Government with the support of Lifeline and developed in collaboration with Gayaa Dhuwi (Proud Spirit) Australia. It is run by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We have co-designed this line using Lifeline expertise with several Aboriginal mental health professionals including NACCHO, Black Dog Institute Aboriginal Lived Experience team and the Centre for Excellence in Suicide Prevention along with input from Torres Strait Islander, remote, regional, and urban peoples with lived experience. We work to explore options for ongoing support and community members will always be reassured they will be connected to another Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person who will understand where they are coming from and value knowing HOW to listen, without judgment or shame.

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National : Basic Rights Queensland

BRQ is a state-wide community legal centre, providing advice, advocacy and free legal services. We help people having problems with Centrelink or disability discrimination, and women in the workplace.

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